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Mutation filters

It is possible to filter for amino acid and nucleotide bases/mutations. Multiple mutation filters can be provided in a single request.

A nucleotide mutation has the format <position><base>. A <base> can be one of the four nucleotides A, T, C, and G. It can also be - for deletion and N for unknown. Example: 123T

An amino acid mutation has the format <gene>:<position><base>. The following genes are available: E, M, N, ORF1a, ORF1b, ORF3a, ORF6, ORF7a, ORF7b, ORF8, ORF9b, S. A <base> can be one of the 20 amino acid codes. It can also be - for deletion and X for unknown. Example: E:57Q

The <base> can be omitted to filter for any mutation. You can write a . for the <base> to filter for sequences for which it is confirmed that no mutation occurred, i.e. has the same base as the reference genome at the specified position.