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This section covers the basics of using LAPIS.


LAPIS is accessible through various endpoints, each serving a distinct purpose and returning different data. For instance, the GET /sample/aggregated endpoint returns the count of sequences that meet specified filter criteria. Every endpoint accepts GET and POST requests. Both methods yield identical data; however, the manner of providing the filter criteria differs.

The various endpoints are listed in the Open API / Swagger documentation, which also offers a convenient testing interface via Swagger-UI.


The output from each endpoint can be refined using various parameters. For instance, to determine the number of sequences originating from Germany, you would use GET /sample/aggregated?country=Germany. The available filters are detailed in Filters, and you can experiment with them at Open API / Swagger.


Fields allow you to dictate the grouping of the returned data. For example, to find out the number of sequences from each country,you would use GET /sample/aggregated?fields=country. The available fields are documented in Fields, and you can test them at Open API / Swagger.