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This instance of LAPIS supports the following fields.

Name Type Description
ace2Binding float
age int
authors string
country string
countryExposure string
date date
dateDay int
dateMonth int
dateOriginalValue string
dateSubmitted date
dateSubmittedDay int
dateSubmittedMonth int
dateSubmittedOriginalValue string
dateSubmittedYear int
dateUpdated date
dateUpdatedDay int
dateUpdatedMonth int
dateUpdatedOriginalValue string
dateUpdatedYear int
dateYear int
died string
division string
divisionExposure string
fullyVaccinated string
genbankAccession string
gisaidClade string
gisaidEpiIsl string (primary key)
hospitalized string
host string
immuneEscape float
location string
nextcladeCoverage float
nextcladeDatasetVersion string
nextcladePangoLineage pango_lineage
nextcladeQcFrameShiftsScore float
nextcladeQcMissingDataScore float
nextcladeQcMixedSites float
nextcladeQcMixedSitesScore float
nextcladeQcOverallScore float
nextcladeQcPrivateMutationsScore float
nextcladeQcSnpClustersScore float
nextcladeQcStopCodonsScore float
nextstrainClade string
originatingLab string
pangoLineage pango_lineage
region string
regionExposure string
samplingStrategy string
sex string
sraAccession string
strain string
submittingLab string
whoClade string