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Pango lineage query

Pango lineage names inherit the hierarchical nature of genetic lineages. For example, B.1.1 is a sub-lineage of B.1. More information about the pango nomenclature can be found on the website of the Pango network.

With the pangoLineage filter and in variant queries, it is possible to not only filter for a very specific lineage but also to include its sub-lineages. To include sub-lineages, add a * at the end. For example, writing B.1.351 will only give samples of B.1.351. Writing B.1.351* or B.1.351.* (there is no difference between these two options) will return B.1.351, B.1.351.1, B.1.351.2, etc.

An official pango lineage name can only have at most three number components. A sub-lineage of a lineage with a maximal-length name (e.g., B.1.617.2) will get an alias. A list of aliases can be found here. B.1.617.2 has the alias AY so that AY.1 would be a sub-lineage of B.1.617.2. LAPIS is aware of aliases. Filtering B.1.617.2* will include every lineage that starts with AY. It is further possible to search for B.1.617.2.1 which will then return the same results as AY.1.